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Loan Programs

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All Loan Programs available to you…


Take action now!


If you are ready to search for your dream house take first step and get pre-approved. However keep in mind, seller agents who need to decide amongst several offers will only consider strong pre-approvals. Meaning if loan has been fully underwritten and income, employment, credit and asset conditions cleared then your chances to get an offer accepted will be much higher.


This is why we highly recommend to contact Clear Lending to complete your pre-approval. After submitting a pre-approval request, an agent will contact you with an appointment date to go over all loan details concerns you need to clarify from pre-approval to closing your dream home.


Clear Lending offers all US Government Loan Programs, conforming and non-conforming conventional programs and even portfolio loans for those buyers who fall outside traditional loan guidelines.


Whether you are a first-time home buyer, or looking for a second or vacation house, maybe an investor looking to finance 10 properties, in need of a loan in a rural area, a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or simply a self-employed borrower in need of a special program to qualify for housing, Clear Lending has received great reviews and thus a safe option to avoid last minute surprises.


To get started simply click APPLY ONLINE.

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